Building A Healthier Nation One Community At A Time


Health360 is a nonprofit organization that promotes health equity in underserved communities.



We meet our mission through diverse educational programs that improve the health of vulnerable populations with a focus on social determinants of health, culturally competent care and interprofessional practice. The bed rock of Health360’s success is the diversity of the organizations we partner with to tackle local health care needs in communities across the nation.

Health360 is home to Northwestern Connecticut Area Health Education Center (AHEC), one of the four regional centers that comprise the Connecticut AHEC Network. AHEC focuses on developing a pipeline of future health care professionals who are prepared to practice in Connecticut’s

rural and urban underserved communities.

Health360 hosts several AmeriCorps National Service Programs that take a community-based approach to our nation’s physical and mental health crisis.  AmeriCorps members are deployed in communities across the nation implementing evidenced-based programs that tackle health

disparities in underserved communities.